Give me a break.

Japan has an obsession with Kit Kats.

Weird Kit Kats.

This was first brought to my attention back in September when Mary and I visited Japan. Mary frequented a lot of convenience stores in search of Cherry Blossom flavored Kit Kats, a gift she previously received from her friend Nick. We were unsuccessful. They all sold milk chocolate and occasionally dark chocolate Kit Kats. How disappointingly normal. At the end of a week, I began to question Mary’s choice of words. Perhaps what she meant to say was that the Kit Kats had a pretty picture of a Cherry Blossom on them- you know, as a seasonal promotion to celebrate the arrival of spring. (Sorry Mary, I never meant to doubt your intelligence.)

How could I be so ignorant?

I had an extra couple of hours to kill after we went our separate ways at Narita. There’s nothing exciting about this airport. It’s small, it’s boring, and it’s eerily quiet. I stumbled upon an origami museum. I counted the number of bathrooms and water fountains. I wandered into tacky tourist shops-and then I found them. Massive boxes of them. Not just Green Tea- Cherry Blossom but Wasabi, Soy Sauce, and Sweet Potato, too. Dreams really do come true.

So now let’s fast-forward three months to December. I’m back at the same sleepy airport wasting time until I get the privilege of spending half a day on a flight to Chicago. Except now, it’s a scavenger hunt. How many strange flavors exist? And how many boxes can I buy with my leftover Yen?

The answer?

A lot.

There were a lot of flavors and I had a lot of Yen. And I will always be a sucker for Cheese flavored Kit Kats. That is, until I try them.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the starting line-up of the “not-quite-right” Kit Kats that will grace our dinner table on Christmas Day: Wasabi, Green-Tea Cherry Blossom, Cheese, Root beer, Lemonade, and one other missing an English translation. None of them look (or sound) appetizing but let’s be honest- the reactions are half the fun.


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