One (sprained) hand in the air for universal health care.

I got hit by a bus.

It’s true.

The event occurred Tuesday afternoon at an intersection near my school, approximately 50 yards from my apartment building. Ecstatic to be escaping the confines of my cold classroom, my grubby little munchkins, and the frustrations of teaching 50 children that actually have no intentions of learning, I pranced home two and a half hours early with a definite pep in my step. And then I got hit by a bus.

I can’t tell you how it happened, aside from the obvious. My life didn’t flash before my eyes. There was no deer-in-the-headlights look. I never saw it coming. I stepped out onto a crosswalk, heard a loud thud, and then realized that I was on the ground a couple of feet away from a bus while an audience of Koreans looked on in horror. Remarkably, I walked away from the scene of the accident unharmed. Not the smartest decision I’ve ever made but let’s chalk that up to shock and adrenaline.

I later went to the hospital to have a few aches and pains checked out and x-rayed. I saw the doctor who very kindly wrapped up an ankle and a wrist and sent me away with a prescription for some pain killers. 10 minutes and 5,500 KRW ($4.95) later, I walked across the street to a pharmacy to get $1’s worth of pain medicine. My co-teacher even treated me to a sympathy dinner afterwards, which remained largely untouched due to my inability to use chopsticks with my left hand. But that’s beside the point. I got hit by a bus and it only cost me $6 and two day’s worth of hobbling around like an old lady. Beat that, America.



(Apparently this is a really common occurrence here. Come visit me. You, too, could have the opportunity to share in this once in a life time experience. Free some-what clean housing available.)


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