No need to call PETA, it’s just Korea

Koreans love their dogs.

Although, it’s true the older generation still loves to eat them. They’re the primary ingredient in Bosintang, or dog soup. Apparently the protein’s supposed to be beneficial in helping Koreans overcome the summer heat. It’s also believed to give men a little extra stamina in the bedrooms. Or the brothels. Prostitution is alive and well over here and very, very prevalent.

But I digress.

My generation, along with half of my parents’ generation, is anti-dog soup because they’re the perfect accessory a la Paris Hilton and the craze to tote around five pound dogs in your purse. Koreans also love to dye them. Yes, dye them.

Reason #453890 why I love Korea

If I had a tail, I’d dye it pink, too.


August 21, 2010. Uncategorized.

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