No more teachers, No more books.

Hello, my friends and family. I apologize for the blog neglect but never fear, I’m back, anxious and eager to provide you with glimpses of my new life.

Summer vacation officially begins on Tuesday. Unlike America, this is not an end of the year celebration and I will not be returning to new classes of charming little fifth and sixth graders. The Korean school system begins around March. The first term ends around mid-July for six weeks and picks back up again for a winter semester at the beginning of September. It’s a bit fuzzy after that. I believe January is a month of winter vacation. The students return to school in February for 16 days and then receive a week off for spring break before beginning a new school year around March 1st. I mentioned it before in my teaching post but once again, the dates are approximate because each school determines its own calendar. I have a few friends in the area who begin summer vacation today (lucky ducks).

Needless to say, I’m ready for a break. My kids are driving me crazy. My co-teacher is driving me crazy. The curriculum is driving me crazy. Maybe I’m just going crazy.¬†Which could be true. Here are a couple of video clips I’m forced to make my students watch and worse yet, ask them questions about.

Yes, children, this is how we clap in America.

I like holding green onions like a sword, too.

Call me old fashioned but I tend to wait until the second date to ask about the room-especially if the Australian sounds like an American.

I bet you wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the English curriculum was developed entirely by Koreans. It was never even proof-read by foreigners. Lord have mercy, if only you could see the teacher’s manual. No wonder they have to fly inexperienced native speakers to assist in the classrooms.


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