Happy Anniversary, Mimi and Gramps!

Today (June 24th), my grandparents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years. Wow. Isn’t that incredible?! Family from across the US will be reuniting to honor this joyous occasion. Although my body remains in Korea, my heart will be in Georgia for the weekend.

As an added bonus, today is also my grandmother’s 39th birthday. I don’t know how she manages to stay that young but maybe one day she’ll teach me her anti-aging tricks- or at least the ones that don’t involve Loreal #9. Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Look at those love birds. Aren’t they so cute?

Happy Anniversary, M & G. I love you. I miss you. I wish I was there to celebrate. Congratulations!


June 24, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Lindsay replied:

    That picture of them kissing is kind of gross. But not as gross as when Gramps started yelling “Get it up!” during the family reunion game night. Or when Mimi told us all, “I’m looking for penis!” while looking at Baby Christman’s sonogram.

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