It tastes just like chicken… except not really.

On Sunday, I went to a soccer game at the World Cup Stadium (Seoul hosted the World Cup back in 2002 and apparently, they’ve got big plans to make a bid for 2022– watch out world.) South Korea and Ecuador squared off for a pre-World Cup “friendly”. For the record, there weren’t many (if any) Ecuadorians there.

During half time, someone in my group went to the concession stand for snacks and shared the wealth, passing various bits and pieces down the row. I ended up with a chunk of this:

I’ve made a pact with my more adventurous self to try everything at least once. Sometimes, the only way to accomplish this is by not asking questions. I chomped away, immediately regretting my decision. Now I was stuck. I had a relatively large amount of only God knows what that I had to make vanish so that I appeared appreciative. I decided to rip it into smaller pieces, pretend I was eating it, and then slip it into my purse for disposal at a later time. Childish, I know, but effective– and now there’s a very happy trash can somewhere along Line 6.

Now let’s fast forward to Monday. I’m at my desk, lesson planning away. Every once in a while, I get a whiff of something foul but I just can’t place it. Finally, at the end of the day, I grab my purse to dump in a few more contents and there it is, heavily concentrated– the smell. The inside of my purse could be confused for a fish market. I had missed a piece.

It turns out that’s dried squid, which tastes nothing like the fresh stuff I so thoroughly enjoy. Tell me, what ever happened to nachos and hotdogs as the stadium food of choice?


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